Someone Else's Shoes


Walk In Someone Else's Shoes is an interactive installation designed to replicate the sensory experience of anxiety, it is activated once the viewer physically steps into a pair of shoes placed in front of three back lit projection screens. The viewer first sees a video of the shoes they have just placed on walking as the image gets overlapped by daily stressors such as school, friends and family, money, social media and more. 

This installation was inspired by the Artist overhearing two people within three months saying they had never felt anxiety before, which was not something she could believe. Walk In Someone Else's Shoes is intended to be a sensory replication of anxiety, so show someone who had never felt it before what it feels like, running visual mind(imagery), overwhelming thoughts(audio), pressure and physically overheating (simulated with heating pads in the feet and a space heater) as well as having visual difficultly such as spotted vision (strobe lights) and trouble breathing (audio).