Interaction Design

I studied Interaction Design as a competent of Product Design to have a better understand of what drives individuals to comprehend and use products and their thoughts and actions behind them.



Interaction cube which must communication these three action; Rub, Turn, Squeeze.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 5.53.16 PM.png

Ambient Device - for Family Members

I rendered in Rhinoceros an Interactive Dome for a Parent and Child to have one on one time together that provides an environment for bonding, education and a safe space for communication.  The space has 3 settings; Night Sky, Reading Nook and Exploring Nature. For Night Sky the parent and child can lay under the starts and explore the galaxy or relax and talk. For Reading Nook, the pair can select stories from a large Database and the child can learn to read as the scenes are acted out on screen. and for Exploring Nature you can select a place in the world and walk through it and learn about the environment around you.

(Human Figures were rendered by Jan Henrik Andersen and put into postition by Dara Firoozi)