Inspired by an earlier work by the Artist, Walk In Someone Else's Shoes, this second iteration similarly explores relaying a feeling through a sensory experience. The fist installation explores the feeling of anxiety, where as this piece attempts to mimic the sensation of a PTSD flashback. 

The intention of this installation was to allow people to experience the visual and auditory sensations of a PTSD flashback and how a trigger can completely transform an individuals sight and hearing by taking them back to a traumatic experience in a hallucination like state. 

The 8ft by 8ft fabric room can be experience by around 6 people at a time. The shape of the room is manipulated by a puppeteer and a series of pulley systems, which symbolizes the trauma or abuser and daily triggers.

The audience inside the fabric room have to navigate themselves through the space as they are bombarded by loud white noise and audio as well as projections inside the ever morphing room as the walls and the ceiling raise and fall. Just as a trigger pulls an individial out of reality into a past moment.